BBF Global Connect

Date Name of Program Coutries Visited
10th-12th June 2018 31st ICSA AGM 2018 At Taipei, Taiwan
9th-11th April 2018 10th Anniversary IFIE – IOSCO Conference At Tokyo, Japan
26th-28th November 2017 ASF AGM 2017 Tokyo At Tokyo, Japan
23rd-27th October 2017 ASF Tokyo Round Table 2017 At Tokyo, Japan
28th November - 2nd December, 2016 12th ASF Tokyo Round table Meet At Tokyo, Japan
20th - 22nd November, 2016 21st ASF Annual General Meeting At Manila, Philippines
23rd to 24th May, 2016 ICSA - AGM At Stockholm, Sweden
19th September to 2nd October, 2015 International Outreach Program 2015(Global Business Connect Tour) At Amsterdam - Luxembourg - Frankfurt - Paris - London
14th to 26th October, 2014 International Outreach Program 2013(Global Business Connect Tour) At Seoul -Tokyo - Hong Kong -Taiwan ASF
25th to 27th April, 2014 11th Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance, Takaful and Alternative Cooperative Finance: Challenges & Opportunities At Cambridge, Boston
28th April to 8th May, 2013 International Outreach Program 2013 (Global Business Connect Tour) At Thailand - Philippine - Indonesia - Singapore - Malaysia
23rd to 26th January, 2013 Members Conference 2013 At Bangladesh
4th to 7th November, 2012 BBF achieves a milestone by supporting and cooperating the Maldives Stock Exchange and Maldives Capital Market Development Authority for Financial Inclusion Event At Maldives